Dovetail Saw with folded brass back and Palo Santo Handle

  • $ 129.99

Alamo Toolworks Dovetail Saw. Medium weight brass folded back, not milled with a glued in blade like most other makers thus if you ever damage the blade or wear it out it is relatively simple to replace the blade. This saw has a 0.015" thick saw plate that is toothed 15 points per inch with a set width of 0.0025" per side. The teeth have a 12 degree rake angle and are filed rip. The tooth line is 10 1/2 inches, overall length of the saw is 15 1/2 inches. The depth of cut is 2 1/8". This saw is handled in Palo Santo, otherwise known as Argentine lignum vitae. The handle is not resin-infused because this wood is naturally so tough you can make nails out of it.. The brass saw bolts are mounted in hand reamed mounting holes just large enough to admit the screw shanks to ensure a tight lockup of the handle to the blade. The saw weighs 14.63 oz./ 415 grams. 100% Handmade in Texas. 

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