Folded Light Brass Back

  • $ 19.99

 Alamo Toolworks is proud to present it's line of folded metal backs for handsaw makers.  Here we have our ATW Light Brass Back.  This back is made from 260 cartridge brass folded 180 degrees to form the ultimate in saw backs.  A 12" long back weighs 1.84 oz. / 52 grams.  If you want to build a gentlemans saw  this is the back for you.  This back is suitable for all backsaw plates of 0.015", or perhaps less up to 0.020".  This is a tight-grip saw back, best for thinner saw plates, how thin?  I don't really know but 0.012" may be possible.  Full installation instructions included with purchase.  You will need a soft-faced hammer (24 oz. or so), a good vise and a heavy or stoutly mounted work bench.  

Note: No refunds for backs that have been installed, modified or otherwise damaged by the purchaser. The backs are hand made and so the sizes are approximate.