Handmade Carcass Saw

  • $ 149.99

Alamo Toolworks is proud to present to you our hand made carcass saw.  Yes, hand made.  No CNC machining, no glued in blade this saw is hand made and fitted.

Handle material:  Peruvian Walnut, resin infused for strength and stability.

Screws are
set in stainless steel bushings that pass through the blade and anchor it to the handle in reamed tapered recesses in each side of the handle.  These bushings are hand fitted one at a time.  Tired of having to re-tighten your saw handles?  My exclusive bushing system virtually eliminates the need!  In fact, you can take the screws out and use the saw with the handle held to the blade by just the bushings - I don't recommend it but I've done it.

Hand grip is tapered top to bottom for a more precise feel.  Width a the top = 7/8", width at the bottom 11/16"+  Tired of saws with handles that feel like those of a wheelbarrow?   

Handle Finish:  French polished using Saram button shellac, linseed oil and bees wax.  Why settle for Danish polish or Teak oil?

Blade: 10-1/8" 
at the tooth line 0.015" thick 1095 steel.    Toothed 15 points per inch with 0.0035" set per side filed rip.  Rake angle of 8 degrees and 0 degree bevel.  Depth of cut  is 2-1/8" at the toe, 2-3/16" at the heel just in front of the handle cheek.  Hand set and sharpened.  This is an ideal set up for working with the furniture woods such as walnut and cherry. 

Back:  0.080" thick folded brass 9-7/8" long.  I'm one of the few makers in the world that makes folded backs - most others use slitted backs and glue to make custom saws.  This method works great until you want to tune your saw or if you damage the blade - bend the blade of glued together saw and it's time to buy a new one.

The saw screws are ATW Large size (9/16" heads and nuts) with 13/16" engraved medallion screw.