Handmade Disston D-8 Replica Saw

  • $ 299.95

Handle material:  Peruvian walnut that has been resin-infused for strength and durability.  On the open grained woods I use a proprietary method I have developed to fill the pores of the wood with resin.  This process strengthens and hardens the wood.  Ever seen an older saw with a broken handle horn?  Mine resist that.  I once was buffing a resin infused handle and the buffer grabbed it and it hit the concrete at speed.  A loud crack and I was sure it was broken.  The only damage was some scratching to one of the edges.

Screws are set in stainless steel bushings that pass through the blade and anchor it to the handle in reamed tapered recesses in each side of the handle.  These bushings are hand fitted one at a time.  Tired of having to re-tighten your saw handles?  My exclusive bushing system virtually eliminates the need!

Blade: 22.125" 0.035" thick at the tooth line 1095 spring steel.  Taper ground, hammer tensioned and cryogenically tempered.  Toothed 10 points per inch with 0.010" set per side filed crosscut.  Rake angle of 12 degrees with 20 degree fleam angle and 0 degree bevel.  Hand set and sharpened.   If you want this saw re-filed rip let me know before I ship it - no charge to change the filing.

The saw screws are ATW large size (9/16" heads and nuts) X3 plus the 13/16" medallion.